Something for Nothing

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Sceptics believe there’s no such thing as something for nothing. And maybe in some ways they’re right. After all, you can probably think of some cost or some expectation of reciprocation to attach to most things you receive.

We like to think we’re part of a changing real estate industry, locally at least. Before, agents were really only interested in their customers if they were looking to sell. In between transactions, there was no relationship at all.

We believe the future of real estate will be based completely on relationships – on trust built over many years. We also believe that in order to build relationships, you need to stay in touch regularly and help the other party in any way you can along the way.

Our clients have told us the best way we can help them in between transactions is by providing them with good quality local property information. That’s why we’ve created the postcode snap shot, which details all of the relevant information pertaining to your suburb, produced on a quarterly basis.

It’s free, delivered to any property owner in our local area who would like it without any obligation or expectation. Of course, we’d like to think we’ll be your agent of choice when the time comes to sell, but even if we’re not, it’s still yours to keep and use however you choose.

If you haven’t already signed up for your copy, contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange it. Your own little slice of something for nothing.
All the best
Michael Kirwan