A Positive Journey

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welcome pictureThe great explorers would set out on journeys into the unknown that could go for months, years or even decades. But along the way, they would regularly pause to take stock of where they were, using whatever instruments or other navigational skills they had. To fail to do so would have meant they would have become lost, never able to achieve their goal or return to where they started.

As the world moves faster, the importance of stopping to take stock has never been more important. Wherever in our lives we fail to pause, we risk spinning our wheels, unable to make good decisions or move in the direction we had anticipated.

In our business, we stop to take stock at regular planning meetings. It’s where we see how much closer we’ve moved towards our goals to streamline systems, implement better processes and improve the overall service to you, our customers. We’re thrilled to see the destination is moving ever closer.

During the process of selling a home, it’s critical the seller stops to take stock regularly too. And it’s even more critical that their agent provides them with the tools to do so. That’s why we send weekly vendor reports, which detail all of the important information that’s been gathered over the previous seven days. The number of inspections, the buyer feedback, the marketing statistics – all there for our vendor to clearly understand exactly how the campaign is tracking.

It’s the brief pause that improves the chances of a positive journey.

All the best
Michael Kirwan