No Perfect Time, Only Perfect Process

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tomatoesIf you were to ask a group of gardeners what the perfect time to plant tomatoes is, you’ll hear a variety of different answers. Some enthusiasts believe the end of winter is ideal, while others swear by waiting until mid-way through spring. Yet others will tell you tomatoes can be grown all year round, they’ll just take longer to ripen in cooler weather.

In reality, the soil temperature must be between 16 and 35 degrees for the plants to grow tall, and this fa
ctor is far more important than the calendar date. But even if you get the timing right, without the correct preparation, the plants will fail to flourish. The soil must be well-drained and enriched with organic matter and you’ll need stakes or a trellis to support the plants’ growth.

It’s a process.

It’s the same with property sales. There’s no standard “perfect time” to sell property, despite those who continue to swear it’s spring. The subtle dynamics between supply and demand are far more important than the season in determining a successful outcome. But even in the hottest of hot markets, overlooking effective preparation is the kiss of death to any campaign.

In our local market, buyer demand is strong. Conditions are ripe for those property owners who are ready to sell. The temptation is strong for many to rush their properties to market, to capitalise on the obvious opportunity.

Just remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect time, only a perfect process.

All the best

Michael Kirwan