First off the Blocks

article-2184122-1466B186000005DC-689_964x533Whether it’s swimming, athletics or horse racing, the start is a critical component to success in any competitive event. A slow or sloppy start can easily compromise a win, regardless of how well the participant might otherwise perform.

It’s much like real estate sales. History shows that the first few days and weeks after a property first hits the market is when it will attract the greatest amount of buyer interest. Mess up the critical start and the remainder of the campaign will likely be a mad scramble to recover, with the agent chasing the buyers all the way to the bottom.

The very best selling campaigns are carefully planned well in advance of the date the property is launched to market. That means an initial review of the property in conjunction with your agent to assess the need for any repairs or maintenance, as well as thorough preparation of all marketing materials and contracts. Professional photos must be taken, copy written and ads booked.

All of this before the very first prospective buyer has even stepped through the front door.

Many local sellers have been waiting for warmer weather to put their home on the market. It’s resulted in market conditions where very little is available for sale and buyer demand is backing up, just waiting for new stock to appear.

If you’ve been postponing selling until spring, now is the time to be starting the preparations. After all, those vendors who are first off the blocks will intuitively have maximum traction with a larger number of willing buyers.

All the best

Michael Kirwan